Assignment 6: Drawing Class Practice – TONED PAPER


Assignment 6: Drawing Class Practice – USE TONED PAPER FOR LAST 2 DRAWINGS!

2 x 30 minute classes on, CLASS MODE

  • Before you begin:  Prepare 2 sheets of Strathmore Drawing Paper, toned with vine charcoal as shown in class. Be sure the charcoal is evenly coating the paper and is a midtone, or middle value. TAPE YOUR EDGES.
  • You will do 2 drawing sessions, for a total time of 1 hour! Try to space this out to 2 different days in the week.
  • Begin your session by using the 18×24 newsprint, the same as you use in the class for the quick studies.
  • FOR YOUR LAST 2 DRAWINGS (10 minute), use The TONED Strathmore Drawing Paper and tape off your edges so that they are neatly presented.