Assignment 10

WEEK 10 ASSIGNMENT : Human Pose Reference

For this assignment you will be creating a guide to several different poses to use as reference like the one below.  This is a study for a longer drawing which you will do on the toned paper for next weeks homework. 

  • Set up a distinct Light source
  • Shoot your model (or yourself on a timer) in between 6 – 8 very different poses.  Try to go for extreme gesture and make good use of your light source.
  • Print your photos.
  • Then on 1 or 2 sheets of 18×24 drawing paper DRAW each pose.
  • Keep the proportions accurate, but don’t worry too much about details. Study the effect of light and shadow in each one. Each pose should break the figure up into zones of highlight, middle tone, and shadow

Bring this in next week,  You’ll use it and the photographs for the next weeks’ homework.

Hint: Feel free to use props etc. and Interact with the environment around you!