Drawn to Life


This week in your sketchbook practice the act of infusing LIFE into your drawings!  

BUT FIRST… READ this Chapter from Drawn to life by MASTER Animator Walt Stanchfield. 


Drawn to Life is based on the Walt Stanchfield Lectures at Disney. Walt Stanchfield worked at Disney for over 30 years and did lectures for the animators there.  The book is very much based on gesture drawing, or how to sketch out poses fast an effectively.

In your sketchbook this week fill 4 pages with gesture drawings from observation.

Take this book with you throughout your daily life and FILL IT with the people you see and the things they do.  Try to draw their ACTIONS.  Draw a woman balancing on the subway for example, or a child excitedly pointing out the window.  Draw MANY PER PAGE.  FILL THE PAGES.


When Done, scan and post them here.

Comment on what was interesting, challenging, or fun about drawing people to LIFE!



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