Drawing from the Inside Out

This week in your sketchbook practice the act of drawing from the inside out.  Use photos as reference for your drawings in the manner described below.  

HINT: If you paste these photos in your sketchbook early in the week it will be easy to work on this wherever and whenever you have time. 

Also printing and gluing the guide below for reference may be helpful!

Sketchbook Week 2: Step 1: Find two photos of people. (hint: choose images where its easy to identify their movable masses.) Print them at 8.5 x 11 so they fit well in your sketchbook, then glue them in on the left hand side page. Using colored pencil, or white graphite if you don’t (whatever is visible) Draw the Moveable masses on top of the Photos. Once this is done using a different color pencil, try to trace the Manakin Frame.

Step 2: On the opposite page: Draw using the photos you chose and marked as reference. Begin your drawing as we learned in class suing the movable masses and spine as an axis. Next draw in the Manakin frame. Then draw the body and details on top. *Leave the underdrawing showing. Don’t erase!



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