Final Project and Museum Tour instructions.


Hello class-

We will enter museum together and from that point can split into groups based on interest.

Looking at the museum map- choose 3 different galleries to visit in your 3 hour trip. Take the time in each gallery to view the work, and read the information written about the work. Then shoot reference photos to prepare yourself for drawing your final project at home.

Remember your final project is a drawing of a location of your choice using perspective, a full range of value, as well as all of the skills we learned in class. This drawing must be on the strathmore drawing paper and should have a nice clean border. 聽It should be drawn at your highest level of finish.

Take time in each gallery to plan your composition. Take photos of all the details you plan to draw.

Finally post a photo of yourself in location you will be drawing along with a quick sketch ( approximately 4″x5″) of your composition, and write a short blog post explaining why you chose that location, to OPENLAB.

This is due for review by the morning 12/ 7, 9 am latest.

Be sure to bring your reference photos and work in progress to class on 12/7.



Field Trip To the Metropolitan Museum of Art


On Thursday November 30th we will meet during normal class hours 2:30- 5:50 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Please be prepared to sketch on site as well as take pictures to be used as reference materials for your final project. 聽Please look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art website before we go and familiarize yourself with their collection. 聽If there are particular ares of interest for you PLEASE reply to this post so that we can be sure to visit them!

The Met is located between 79th and 83rd streets on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. 聽Take the 4,5,or 6 trains to 72nd street and its a 10-15 minute walk from the station.

We will meet at the Educational Entrance (81st entrance) to the LEFT of the main staircase. We will be meeting inside at 2:30 pm, just past the coat check.

This should be obvious but… DON’T check your sketchbooks and pencils!聽

Updated Syllabus


9-Nov | Week 11聽Cylinders in Perspective & One Point Perspective Review

DUE: Assignment 9 with Peer critique.

NEW: Assignment 10: Cylinders in Perspective

16-Nov | Week 12 Two Point Perspective & Objects and Patterns in Perspective.

Working from Reference In-Depth discussion of Final Project.

DUE: Assignment 10 with Peer critique.

NEW: Assignment 11: Detailed聽Two Point Perspective drawing filled with Objects and patterns in Perspective

NEW: Take home Quiz:

Ch 5 the illusion of Depth

Upload Projects and Self Critique sheet to Week 11 Sketches.





30-Nov | Week 13 Field Trip To Metropolitan Museum of Art

Practice More objects and Patterns in Perspective.

DUE: Assignment 10 – Post to eportfolio

NEW : Student Proposal of of Final Project.


7-Dec | Week 14 : Final Portfolio & Sketchbook Review* Studio Session for FInal Drawing

DUE: Final Portfolio & Sketchbook NEW: NONE. WORK ON YOUR FINAL PROJECT!

12/14 | Week 15 : Presentations of Final Project Drawings Due