About Wei

Hello my name is Wei Ni and I like to design stuff.

If I’m not feeling lazy, I’ll probably open illustrator up and make some random goofy illustration. My love for art began when I was just a little boy in elementary school, I started out with crayons, color pencils and markers to now digital digital designs in college. I actually draw and sketch much less now, probably because I’m too busy either doing my coursework or at my part-time job. I used to be more of a pencil to paper type of guy, but since getting introduced to design on computer, I like it a lot more than drawing and sketching now. The pace is much quicker, and I think the lines are more refined digitally. Of course, you don’t ever want to lose your roots, where you came from, so I’ll do a little sketch here and there but will do the bulk of my designs on a computer!

Favorite programs to use is Illustrator by far. Photoshop comes second.

Thanks for visiting my e-portoflio, enjoy your time here.

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