About Me

My name is William L. and welcome to my bio. I currently study at CUNY College of Technology in order to get my bachelor degree in Communication design. The reason why I am studying communication design would be during my childhood where gaming started to become a trend. Games started from a arcade game called pong and from that it went to console ,computer ,and now VR(Virtual Reality). It was fascinating to me how everything originated from a simple tennis game to a game where it can be felt life like.

Games really gave me the idea how people are able to create visual objects through their thoughts and imaginations to make it into a reality on your screens. Though currently I do not have much experience from what the process is but I would love to learn more about it. Since the most popular game right now is League of Legends with 1.6 Billion as of 2015. It is also one of the games that I like but my favorite one right now would be Overwatch it is a popular game right now.