About Me.

Hello World,

My name is Winnie and I am pursuing a bachelor of technology in Communication Design at New York City College of Technology. I am from Venezuela and I started to build a new chapter of my life six years ago. I struggled a lot back then since it was my first time moving out of my hometown to a whole different country. I had what we called as “Culture Shock” at certain times. However; I became more adapted to live here as the years passed through. I have learned a lot about the arts and design industry. It is a very special gift for me to have the opportunity to study abroad, and specially majoring in Communication Design. I cannot be more thankful to my loved ones, and friends, whom support me in this challenging, but exciting life path.

Design has always been my passion. Like Paul Rand once said: “Design is Everything, Everything is Design” , and that is so true because design is everywhere you are. I enjoy every single day looking for what it inspires me, what keeps me motivated, and what makes me to be the most charismatic and creative person I am now. My job as a graphic designer, and photographer is to develop an excellent reputation and sense of commitment in order to provide inspiring, creative, and very professional design services to my clients.