My Role as Graphic Design Intern at Clickdaily, INC.

I am a graphic design intern at Clickdaily, INC. My supervisor is Julio Li, who is the head of the Graphic Design Department of the company. I was able to know this company thanks to a good friend. One day, he was hanging out with Julio. Then, he decided to show my Instagram portfolio to him. Fortunately, Julio really liked my work and he told my friend to tell me that I would be a good candidate to intern at the company. During my summertime, I was thinking to become part of the Service Corps and get an internship there. However; I emailed the company in June because I was just curious about the internship position. Julio and I talked to each other through email back and forth, and we ended up setting an in-person interview for June 12th at 11:30 am.

When I get to the place, Julio introduced himself and took me to the meeting table. He took a copy of my resume, and then he started asking me some questions. He basically just asked me about my technical skills, and the past work experience I have. We discussed about the responsibilities I would have to take if I would be selected, and the goals I would like to achieve in my future career. At the end of the interview, we shook hands and hoped to keep in touch.

I was undecided in which internship to take this semester. My decision was debated between going for Service Corps program and this company. That was until the beginning of August when I took the final decision to join this interesting company. I started working at Clickdaily from August 28th until November 20th. During that period of time, my routine was to have such a productive day every Monday and Tuesday from 11:00am to 6:00 pm creating and sharing my design knowledge in different projects for the company.