My First Day of Work

I believe everybody who start a new job or a new internship, get a little nervous on the first day. I was feeling the same too. I was scheduled to be there at 10:00 am. I made sure to organize my things and plan my outfit accordingly the night before, so I don’t get in a rush the next morning. I remember I put thousand of alarms to wake up on time. To be honest, I am not a morning person. For me, it is a little bit difficult to wake up early. However; I feel whenever a very important day comes, waking up earlier is not a struggle anymore.

The great day came, and I prepared myself a very good breakfast to get energy and be active during the whole day. I got ready, packed my things, and headed out to take the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It was a nice Summer day! I finally got to my place around 9:30 am. It was good that I came a little earlier, so in case something would happen. When I was walking to the place, I noticed one of the photographers (Vlad) who was walking to there too. I said Hi to him, and he kindly took me to the office. He asked me to sit down and wait since Julio (my manager) still was not in the office.

When Julio came, he introduced me to the photographers (Vlad & Barry) and the rest of the staff. He started having a friendly conversation with me, so I get more confident and fortunately come out of my shell. He also gave me a summary about my tasks. We started the day doing business card samples for a beverages company called “D and S Beverages” and then some social media posts for the same company. I struggled a little bit with the making of it because I was using Photoshop. I never make business cards in another program besides InDesign, so to play with text and layout was a bit difficult at first. Nonetheless; Julio helped me with it later.My first day at Clickdaily was short. It was from 10:00 am to around 4:30 pm. Julio had to leave since he had a meeting at 2:30 pm. He left me with the photographers to finish the rest of the work. When I was done, I said bye to everybody who was there and left the place.

I feel very relaxed during my first day. Not pressure or stress at all.

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