Welcome to Clickdaily!

During this semester, I worked for a private company called “Clickdaily, INC”. It was founded in 2015 and it is headquartered in Midtown New York, NY. At this company, there are about 15 employees spread among the departments of marketing & sales, graphic and web design, and social media management. Clickdaily describes itself as a social media marketing and branding agency. Its main goal is promote the brand of small to medium sized businesses especially located in the hospitality industry through social media management and other great services such as graphic/web design, photography, email marketing, social media advertising, etc.

I took part of the graphic design team at the company. My supervisor was Julio Li, who is the head of the graphic/ web design department and also the internship manager. Most of the time at Clickdaily, I worked and collaborated a lot with him doing a lot of projects such business cards, menus, ads, web banners, among other interesting design related work.