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Interview with a Freelance Graphic designer, Mr. Neminn Wynn.


In a beautiful Sunday day evening, I met with Mr. Neminn Wynn, in a cafe in Brooklyn. Wynn is a freelance senior graphic designer who I knew him for a couple of years ago. We also have worked briefly together in a freelance design project before. I remember his name easily because of his last name “Wynn” is much similar to as my first name “Win”. He was born in Burma, the country which is also called Myanmar these days. He moved to the US more than 15 years ago. I got is BA degree in Graphic Arts and Design from City College of New York, CUNY. He said, “I’ve been working in this field for about 9 years”

When I asked him what does his work day consist of, he answered that there are a lot of digital marketing (designs), creating digital assets, creating email templates, and some (designs for) print promotions. He chooses this career path because he always wanted to create beautiful things, creating something new, being creative. This is why he chose to go for this type of school and became a graphic designer after that.

I asked him about his current position and the requirements. He works for short term contracts like 2-3 months long in each job. He explained, as a freelancer, his official position may change frequently, as well as skills and requirements may also change. It all depends on the company he works. “Generally, you need creativity” Wynn added, “Adobe Creative Suite, mainly, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign is the mast, and after that, you need basic graphic design skill, typography, and color theory”

Wynn said, as a graphic designer, there is always room for promotion or personal improvement. Promotion depends on the company he works. The graphic designer needs to know the situation of the company he or she is working. Some company has opportunity for the graphic designer to grow within the company. Unlike promotion, personal improvement doesn’t rely on anybody or any company. “It only relies on you, even if you finish from school, you can still improve yourself by learning new things all time, keep in touch with latest trends and latest technologies.” (N. Wynn, personal communication, February 2017). He also encouraged to young designers to keep on learning after the college.

I asked him what are the most challenging things about his work and he explained, being a freelancer who has to move from one company to another in a few month, there are challenges every time when he has to move to the new workplace. Every company has their own tradition, own culture, so no matter with the previous experience, he has to adapt and learn the new way all the time. Different companies use different software. Emma, MailChimp, for instance, where the different software used for digital marketing platform, which is a small thing but could be quite challenging at the beginning.

When we talk about the clubs, associations and networking Wynn reply me that he is a member of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), Art Directors Club and SPD (Student Publication Design). He uses to go to networking events for graphic designers once a month or once in a couple of months depends on his schedule. He believes these events are effective because he could learn some new things or sometimes meet up with an important person from the industry. Most of them are friendly. “Be yourself, go out there… introduce yourself, and start networking, it’s very effective and I like it” Wynn added. He said LinkedIn is very effective for online networking for him. He recommends LinkedIn to the design students and anyone who want to excel in their career. He said,, which is a digital portfolio page, is also very good for artist, designers, and photographers to showcase their works. Behance is also owned by Adobe Inc., which is the leader in the production of graphic design software.

I said, “You doesn’t look that old, but do you have started saving for your retirement, like IRA, IRA Roth etc.,?” and he said no. He hasn’t started any of his retirement plans so far because he has finished with his student loans not so long ago. As the last question, I ask him how he sees himself in next ten years. He said, he already have 8-9 years of professional graphic designer experience. So in next 10 years, he wants to be a creative director or an art director, who will be the mastermind behind the creative process. He really wants to be someone who owns the creative agency, an entrepreneur and run his own creative business.

(N. Wynn, personal communication, February 2017).
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