Student Blend Requisition

Alecia & HamiltonTeam # 1
Wine Blend Requisition

Paring Food: Baked Fish Filet with Tomatoes and Mushrooms.

Baked Fish– Example: Chilean Sea Bass
Seasoned with salt, black pepper, butter, lemon olive oil and minced garlic. Add seasoned bread crumbs on top before serving.
Roasted Vine or Cherry Tomatoes. Served whole but tender. Seasoned with thyme, Oregano and Black Pepper.
Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms with Butter.

Chardonnay Séneca Lake 2018 : more traditional way; juice fermented separate from the skins.
Very clear, bright and crisp
Berries tones. medium low acid and long finish,

Chardonnay 2018: Unorthodox way; fermented with skin
Slightly cloudy granite, clear
Green apple and apricot notes, bit of oak
high acid, hint of oak, balanced, bit tannic at the end, medium low body

Projections :
Light bodied~medium bodied & buttery  ( food should adapt to the wine)
Medium acid (contrast the flakiness of the fish. High fat concentration on the Sea bass. )
Low ~ medium tannin (mediun mouth feel and gum sensation )
Hint of oak or wood (remarks herbs on food )
Hints of fruit ( contrast the acidity on the tomatoes, tomatoes should be caramelized to expand on flavor at first bite )
Medium~ long finish

Chosen wine :
Blend of  Chardonnay- Séneca Lake 2018 only juice fermented (60%) and Chardonnay 2018: Unorthodox way; fermented with skin (40%)

The reasoning behind this ration of blend is simply due to trying to best manage the acidity. The 2018 Unorthodox Chardonnay cane off to be fairly acidic. Though this wine implemented light tannins on the palate at the finish, the wine is still very balance. Having a dish with medium plus acidity, it is essential to have a balanced wine. The reasoning behind using 60% of the Seneca Lake Chardonnay is not only because the acidity is low, balancing out the base wine, but also because the finish is much longer and crisp. A crisp, long and balanced finish would best compliment our dish.

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  1. This seems well thought out blend but I believe both chardonnays are from Long Island and the Riesling is from Seneca Lake. Please confirm which wines you intend blend before you begin.

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