Wines from Italy

Name: Colle Del Re   Vintage: 2010

Producer: Umberto Cesari

Grape Variety/DOCG: Albana di Romagna

Region: Emilio-Romagna

My first wine from Italy. The color of this wine was  pale yellow with hints of hay and low viscocity. When I first smelled the wine, I got a whiff of lemons, but not from the juice maybe from the rind. It was intense lemon smell. As I was tasting it, again I got lemons, maybe Italy is known for their lemons? Also this wine was a little tart, semi-dry. This can be paired with a lobster roll. Not my favorite.

Producer: Alta donna

Grape Variety: Grillo  IGT       Vintage 2010

The color of this wine is yellow, green and intense. The smell I got from this wine was apricots. But from others, they said honeysuckle and white lily’s. Once tasting, I thought it was pretty tart, definitely tasted flowers, apricots and again with lemons. Can be pair with chicken piccata. Not my favorite.

Region: Campania     Vintage: 2010

Producer: Monte Faleisi

Grape: Greco di Tufo

The first thing I noticed was the color, which was green, bright yellow and gold. I really liked the smell, which had honey, apricots, strawberries, peaches and passion fruit. Very fruity. The taste was tart, lemony and had hints of passion fruit. This wine was light and okay, buy it for my sister.

DOCG: Chianti Classico     Vintage: 2006

Region: Tuscany

Producer: Cappineto

Grape: Sangiovese      Riserva-age for 3 yrs.

This is the kind of wine I would buy for my mother. It had a ruby red, brick red color. It smelled of toasty oak and dry cherries. To me, it tasted kind of dry and sour. My mom is not a big wine drinker, but I know she will like this. This wine can be paired with a beef stew, sausage and peppers.

Region: Piedomont       Vintage: 2006

Appellation: Barolo

This wine was the color of brick orange which I thought was a little surprising because I thought wines from this vintage would have more of a deeper red color. Immediately smelling this wine, I caught pomegranate and something else that I could’t place. Professor Goodlad said that their is some tobacco smoke like smell to it. It also had dried prunes and figs. From the taste, I noticed dried prunes and the smokey taste. After taking another sip, I realized that I like this wine. Maybe the smokiness and the dried prunes work together. This kind of wine could be something you drink at night, recapping on what happened during your day. It was a tough day and this drink helps you unwind.

Region: Veneto      Vintage: 2007


Producer: Cesari

The color of this wine was black cherry with medium low viscocity. It smell like prunes, chocolate, cocoa, raisins and surprisingly leather. It tasted like cherries to me. Others pointed out that they can taste prunes, figs, raisins. I liked how it was a little tart and not so dry. This wine was okay but not my favorite.

Italy has been an interesting experience with the notes of leather, smoke, tobacco and chocolate. Would definitely revisit.


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