Red Wines from France

Region: Bordeaux    Vintage: 2006

Appellation: Passac-Leognon

Name: Chateau Coucheroy

Producer: Andre Lurton

My first wine from France. Pretty exciting. So this wine’s color was brick red with some orange. The viscocity was medium, partly because it had time to age. The smell to me had like a dark berry fruit, maybe a pomegranate and cherries. The taste was definitely cherries with some plum. Professor Goodlad said that it had some cocoa in it too. I didn’t really get that but she’s an high end master compared to me. This wine was okay.

Appellation: Pauillac       Vintage: 2006

Producer: Chateau Batailley    Grand Cru Classe 1855

The color was dark red with medium high viscocity. I smelled plums, definitely was mustiness and the class said rasberries. All I know is that the wine was super dry and had a peppery spice for the after taste. This wine is too advanced for me.

Region: Burgundy   Vintage: 2010

Appellation: Beaujolais

Producer: A. Bourgeois

Grape Variety: Gamay

The color of this wine was garnet and pretty translucent and low viscocity. It smelled of plums and blackberry jam. The class pointed out that their might be some pomegranate, gooseberries, a touch of oak lavender and violets. The taste was pretty high in acidity, not very dry and fruity from the cherries.

Appellation: Bourgogne   Vintage 2009

Producer: Joseph Faiveley

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

This wine was translucent with the color of ruby red and medium viscocity. It smelled of pomegranate, plums, oak, coconut and hazelnut. The taste was oakey, with cherries, pomegranate and it was dry. Not my favorite.

Region: The Rhone Valley

Appellation: Crozes Hermitage

Name: Les Jalets

Producer: Paul Jaboulet Aine

For this wine, the color was deep ruby red with hints of purple. From the class’s point, they smelled annise, cardomen, pepper and dates. I really hate annise cardomen and dates in my food so I thought I would really hate this wine. Fortunately, this wine tasted like cracked pepper, cardomen and thyme and I absolutely loved this wine. Maybe it was the spices that went well with the drink as opposed to foods. I’ll see if I can find this wine.


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