Wilkenson Francois

Wilkenson Francois completed his bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology (IS&T) from Temple University and is currently pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Technology Teacher Education (TTE).

He emigrated from Haiti to Brooklyn, New York, at age twelve, attending P.S. 398, The Walter Weaver Elementary School, and later Samuel J. Tilden High School.

After graduating with an associate’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMT) from New York City College of Technology (City Tech), he served in the U.S. Army Reserves and retired as a veteran. He is now a naturalized American citizen.

Wilkenson’s journey has taken him from military service to engineering and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Lessimp, a dating platform, blending his passion for technology and innovation.

Despite being busy with his startup, he finds time for leisure, enjoying karaoke, riding his mini Jetson electric bike in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and occasional visits to local bars.

As he pursues his dreams, he emphasizes the importance of sleep in maintaining balance and focus.

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