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The History of Electronic Arts


EA started with a personal investment by Hawkins of around $200,000. Electronic Arts also EA is one of the largest gaming company in the world now. Electronic arts was founded by Trip Hawkin. He built the company best he had a love and a passion for playing games. After graduating from Harvard, Hawkins moved across the country to pursue an MBA at Stanford, a decision that placed him at ground zero of the personal computer revolution. Trip Hawkins states that “When I started there, we had only fifty employees and had sold only 1,000 computers in the history of the company, most of them in the prior year. Four years later we were a Fortune 500 company with 4,000 employees and nearing $1 billion in annual revenue.”

The beginning of the company turned out to be a success for his career. Trip Hawkins is also well known because originally created the company as Amazin’ Software. Hawkins quickly began filling the roster with former co-workers from Apple. “He spent more than 7 months polishing up the business plan for EA, with help from a former Apple colleague, Rich Melmon. More help arrived in the form of Dave Evans and Pat Marriott, who also worked for Apple previously. Hawkins also enrolled the services of a former MBA classmate, Jeff Burton to promote business development globally” as it is stated on the website successstory.com/companies/electronic-arts. Despite success, many of Amazin’ Software’s internal employees disliked the name of the company. After several meetings, they had a new name: Electronic Arts. The name change came with other changes and after 9 years as the CEO, Hawkins left Electronic Arts and formed 3DO. Electronic Arts continued to be successful even when Hawkin left the company. So a new CEO was chosen and it was Larry Probst filled his position. Probst wanted EA to be lead with principle and integrity and refused to allow EA to publish any M-rated games, which had become more of a mainstay in the industry. He received tons of backlash and had ro changed what was going to be published. This change marked a new beginning for EA, historically signaling the company’s rise to become one of the popular and largest publishers in the industry.

Just like movie studios, EA produces many games to increase the chance of a success. Since 1984 EA has also acquired marketing rights to software packages developed by smaller outside companies through its Affiliated Labels program. EA even began contracting celebrities, especially sports stars, whose names and images were added to the software. These have included football star John Madden, basketball players Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, and chess champion Garry Kasparov. NASA’s Chuck Yaeger was involved in the development of a flight simulation game. That’s not only where the company made changes it also included their logo. Trip put a great deal of energy and effort into creating and refining the business plan for EA, but what does not seem to have gotten a lot of consideration was the initial logo. If you knew Trip and what he was attempting to do, the logo made perfect sense. The square was actually an “E” and the Triangle was an “A.” Unfortunately, most of the people who would eventually saw the logo did not know Trip or have knowledge of his vision for the company. To them, the logo appeared to be an EOA, which is not what they were looking for by any means.

Over time, it became obvious that a new logo was necessary, but anyone who has ever taken on a rebranding campaign understands that this is easier said than done. Since then, the logo has undergone several significant changes to reach its current state, which looks nothing like the original.

Electronic Entertainment games that allows them to grow so much is their sports games which was popular because they capable of playing with multiple people at the same time. They even made partnerships with these sporting companies which add to the popularity for the company. EA Sports, arguably the company’s strongest division, has Madden NFL, NCAA Football, and FIFA. But they don’t limit themselves to these games they also created games that are from different genre that also  was successful. Some of these may include Sims, Medal of Honor, Ultima Online, Rock Band, Burnout, and much more. The diverse games that this company creates is beneficial to the future games that they will create.

Based on the evidence we can see that Electronic arts has been around for a long time and shown us how successful that they can be though all this time. Electronic Arts has accumulated a net worth as of April 10, 2019 is $29.44B. Since they have been around for a long time you believe they have major impacts in the gaming industry. Just like everything in life you will experience challenges but it depends on the way that you deal with them will help you overcome them. Electronic Arts was always on the way to success because of the that it was developed.








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Personal logo/banner

The reason I made this logo because I wanted it to best represent me. The logo has outline of New York where I am raised and grew up. I chose these colors because colors of the natural of space give off while including a picture of space in the background. I also add the water effect to represent the “milk way” in some sense. The moon is there to emphasize that is night time in my logo. And finially the W is to represent me Wilfny Pelissier standing out with my favorite color.


My name is Wilfny Pelissier I am 18 year old. First of all I am a creative artist, that like to challenge myself so that I can be the best version of myself .I am in communication design in my second semester of college. This semester has been way better semester compared to my first semester probably because I am getting the hang of being in college. I learned that communicating with your professors is very important if you want to be successful in college. Enjoying the work that you do help you to do your work because you wont really feel to over whelmed.

When I graduate I want to be able to illustrate characters that can be animate so that it can be displayed in any fashion. The career that I would like to have is produce an animated character that will be in a show/movies/games. I am also proud to say that this is one of the most paid careers for art majors. It will be a tough road up ahead and I am ready to take on the challenges that comes with being an animator.