What Are You Reading?

Please post your thoughts and opinions about what you are reading!

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  1. Ryan Orobona says:

    “This is my open lab post for my final entry”

    The book I read this semseter was “Amussing Ourselves To Death” by Neil Postman. I would recomend this book for someone to read. It is very interesting and is not like most books. I learned alot about American history regarding media and technology from hundreds of years ago to the present day. This book will also make you stop and think about how media affects your own life and it kind of opens your eyes to the nonsense that is in the media at times. This book is a pretty easy read and everyone can relate to it.

  2. stanley says:

    The book i read is ” Black Boy” by Richard wright. This book is an autobiography in which Wright talks about his childhood to his adulthood where he faces racism, segregation and poverty. Wright also faces hardship as he find jobs to support his family and for education. “Black Boy” is a very fascinating novel to read because it’s very emotional and worth reading. Also this book will make connections to your life and outside world , making it very catchy. I would recommend people to read this novel.

  3. Ami says:

    The book I read is ” Memories of a Geisha” by an American author Arthur Golden. This story is a historical romantic story. The author describes a life of a Geisha. (Geisha is a traditional female entertainer. Women who wear a Japanese traditional cloth Kimono perform in the ceremony or dinner in order to make men enjoy and happy.)
    Even though the author is the American, he understands the Japanese culture, and he describes the Geisha’s feelings like sadness, happiness and love in detail.
    If anyone is interested in Japanese culture, I recommend to read it.

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