Strengths as Communicator Discussion

Group 1: Strengths

Being descriptive (s/w): using details

Diction (s/w): don’t want to be repetitive

Expressing thoughts clearly (s/w, perhaps more in w)

Being direct (s, w, more in speaking since you need to get right to the point)

Punctuation (s, w)

Creativity (s, w, perhaps more in writing?): imaginative

Tone (s, w)

Volume (s, w):  all caps, punctuation, elaboration, evidence

Group 2:

Listening (s): looking at other’s point of view

Details (s, w): clear information

Research (s, w)

Explaining (s, w)

Being persuasive (s, w)


Group 3: descriptive (different in writing because you have no non-verbal communication tools (no smiling, no pinting, no deictics)

Getting straight to the point (s, w)

Vocabulary (s):

Confidence (s, w): you can see the confidence in the speaker and you can also see it in the writing (you can get a feel of it)

Being persuasive (s, w): In writing, it is harder.


Comprehension/Understanding of Topic (s, w)

Group 4:

Listening: how someone responds to someone else speaking (not interrupting)

Playing devil’s advocate/Role playing: (s, w)

Creativity/Word Play (onomatopaeia)

Getting Listener/Reader’s attention

Elaboration/Being Descriptive

Presenting Multiple Points of View (s, w, more in writing)

Style (s, w)

Point of View: (first, second third)

Group 5:

Good listening: (speaking)

100% Attention to Topic (s, w)

Not Shy (speaking)


Relating to People’s Ideas and Point’s of View

Making People Feel Comfortable

You Can Edit What You Write But You Cannot Edit What You Say (this means you in some ways are much more free in writing)




Open Mindedness:




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3 Responses to Strengths as Communicator Discussion

  1. Question… Are we supposed to edit your punctuation and grammar?

  2. M.Demera says:

    Don’t know if this is the correct location to place a comment for this assignment but all I can say is that it is correct that all of your expressions must be expressed clearly throughout both speaking and writing.

  3. Maria Perez says:

    “You Can Edit What You Write But You Cannot Edit What You Say (this means you in some ways are much more free in writing)” I agree with the second part of this; that we are in a way much more free in wirting. But I feel like we can say somethings and correct them as we say them in order to get the listener to understand. In writing, once we’ve made a statement, and its published we can’t get rid of that. Maybe we can write something to replace it, but other “factors,” consequences will come with that. I hope I got my opinion clear.

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