About Our Site

Copyright will be a tool that will help inform you about What Copyright is ? and how you can learn to copyright something of your own. Also to show you information that is already copyrighted and who copyrighted it. The intended audience would be high school and college students. This tool would be different from all the other tools we used the semester because this is actually teaching you how to take ownership of something you wrote, where no one is allowed to share your information without crediting you.

It will make doing research much easier because its helpful regarding paraphrasing information you found and making it your own. It will help solve problems that will normally come about while researching, by making sure one is not plagiarizing. It will remind one when they are using too much information from the article without changing the words. This tool may also be referred to as a “Wikipedia” or “Information site” to help one when writing  an article, research paper, or any other form of writing.

Your Guide to Copyright Related Information