Course Experience: The Analysis of the Experience of Visual Perception


Course: AD 110

Instructor: Stella Nicolaou

Date: November 11, 2014

Course Experience: The Analysis of the Experience of Visual Perception

Before I came to CityTech in the Advertisement Program, I had some Interior Design courses. This brings me come into the wonderful design world because of those experiences. I tried to do some advertisement works on my own before I really started to learn it. After studying Advertisement Principles, I started to understand the vocabulary of design, and try to use them in my works.

The first thing I learned most is pictorial balance, which is also we are studying through out the semester. It is a very important when handling an image. By using different pictorial balances, one can make the design stronger for the audiences and make the product really stand out. After the pictorial balance projects, we started to learn the value contrast. It is also is a very important reference. We can make the black and white contrast work together by playing with value. The tone of the color is a tricky thing. One can spend a lot time searching a perfect tone of the color to match together. Even though it is very challenging, it can be exciting during the process of finding them. By following these basic principles, I learned use basic shapes to build the concept of my design.

Learning will never end. There are still a lot of things I need to learn, and many complex works will come to me. I am ready to face these challenge on my way to becoming a successful designer. I hope one day, my dream will become true.


Monochromatic Work
Full Color Work
Graphic Principles
Final Project “On going”

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