You have an opportunity to revise a past blog this week! Here is how the revision blog will work:

  • Choose ONE blog that you already completed (Blogs 1-6) and would like to revise for a better grade. This can include revising the post or adding a thoughtful comment or blog post that you never completed. Make the changes to that blog by adding the comment or editing the post.
  • Post Blog 7 stating which past blog you chose to revise and describe HOW you changed it for the better now that you know more about Gothic literature. No comments necessary on Blog 7. If you decide to not complete a revision, you should still post a Blog 7 stating that you won’t be completing a revision and why.
  • I will read your revised blog and update your grade, and you will also get credit for Blog 7 if everything is completed on time
  • Complete all of this by Friday 10/28 at 11:59 pm
  • Email me if you have any questions!