Initial post due Thursday, 10/13 by 11:59 pm, comments due Friday, 10/14 by 11:59 pm

You have now read several Gothic texts this semester, and you have written an essay analyzing Gothic metaphors. For this blog, you will reflect on some of the patterns you have observed in the literature so far. What are some of the themes, symbols, and other elements that you have noticed in the readings? For example, both Isabella in The Castle of Otranto and Laura in Carmilla are young women who are taken advantage of by a more powerful figure, so you could say that they represent a pattern of weak, disempowered women. Are there other repeated patterns that you have noticed? Think about all of the various aspects of literature such as plot, setting, characters, perspective, style/tone, symbolism, and theme. Write a blog post of 250 words, minimum, reflecting on some of the similarities you have noticed in the texts we have read so far. Remember to thoughtfully comment on at least one other blog post!