I had no idea what to expect for this course before enrolling in it. I had no knowledge of gothic literature, but I was curious to see what this course entailed of. After going through the semester, I learned way more than I expected. I was introduced to something new and Interesting, and I must say that I enjoyed every portion of it and every portion of this course. During this semester, out of all the stories we were assigned to read, I enjoyed reading the castle of Otranto and Carmilla the most. These two stories just really caught my interest. I was intrigued by every chapter, and for someone who gets bored very easily, I am happy to say that these two stories kept me interested and invested. I enjoyed them because while I was reading, at certain points of the stories I started to think about what I would have done if I were in the shoes of Isabella and Laura, and I even got goosebumps while reading them.  

My least favorite thing that we were assigned to do was to watch the Batman adaptation. This was my least favorite simply because I am not a huge fan of Batman.