My favorite movie that I watched this semester was Dracula. It was nice to mentally compare what people considered horror back in the day. Also it was interesting to point out the ways that Dracula was basically a form of propaganda to make non Americans look bad and villainize them. 

My least favorite thing we’ve read was probably the castle of otrano simply because of the outdated way to write text. It was super hard for me to decipher because old text used a different format of writing and vocabulary so it kind of made me confused. However the story line was amazing. 

Thank you so much professor, I truly had so much fun this semester with these readings. I chose this class because I love anything dark, and knew it would be perfect for my horror fanatic self. The readings were so interesting and you really gave me such a wider insight on what is considered “gothic”. I’ll literally take this with me for the rest of my life, I love pointing out random gothic elements now LOL. 

Please stay safe, and have an amazing holiday season:))))