For this semester my favorite assignments were the reading for Carmilla and watching the movie Dracula. It provided more insight into the origins of certain gothic stories and culture in general. Applying a real-world question to the story Carmilla was challenging in the best way possible and allowed me to view the story from multiple perspectives and helped me understand the narrative and multiple aspects of the story. It allowed me to form a solid argument about the way people treat beauty and what that may mean for us as a society. It was definitely a fun essay.  

While all of the assignments were insightful, if I had to choose one that I didn’t enjoy it would be the reading for The Castle of Ontario. It was hard for me to pay attention while reading that story as I was extremely irritated by the prince. His constant anger and high energy really frustrated me, and it really discouraged me from finishing the reading.  I understand that’s more of a personal issue and less of an actual critique of the reading itself but ultimately it was not my favorite.