My favorite thing that was assigned to complete this semester would have to be essay three. This is because I had a great time exploring around, trying to find my favorite space that exhibits gothic elements. Essay three made me realize how many spaces that exhibit gothic elements there are. I was very shocked when I was looking around for my spot for the assignment. I could not believe how many houses and churches had so many gothic elements. These spaces were very near my home. In fact, some of them were in my neighborhood, and I never noticed how Gothic they were. I really enjoyed this class and I had a great time reading and watching all the pieces that were assigned. However, if I had to choose one thing that we were assigned that is my least favorite, it would probably have to be “The Castle of Otranto”. I am not sure why exactly, I just thought it was a bit overrated. “The Castle of Otranto” is a classic so I was honestly expecting more. I never understood why Manfred’s son gets crushed by a helmet as the story begins. I feel like the book never explains how or why this happened. Something that also bugged me a little was when Manfred had another son. After his son died from the helmet, he thought that an ancient prophecy was coming. He then decides that he can avoid this by divorcing his first wife and marrying a new one and having another son. This story was just a little bit too confusing for my liking.