This semester has been really fun for me , being able to learn something I really did not put mind to before, I did not really realize that I was surrounded by many gothic things. Until this semester it has taught me what is uncanny something that arouses dread and horror. I also learned how some gothic movies leave a big lesson behind it. For example I really enjoyed watching Coraline It left a big message behind it was be careful what you wish for.My Essay 3 was supposed to be about how a door in my basement related to Coraline and how it is uncanny it had gothic characteristics the door was very old it had a small pathway it related so much to Coraline and the door that went to a completely different world, that small door was similar to the one I have in my basement but it leads to nothing and that reminded me of Coraline I was thinking what happened if this door and small pathway does lead to another world this also related to the gothic literature that we read The Cask of Amontillado.Due to a personal problem I had, I was not able to do the essay 3 as how I expected and had to do something completely different. I really enjoyed everything this semester, I enjoyed completing my work and reading my classmates blogs and how they viewed gothic literature .