– My favorite assignment for this semester was picking a vampire from a work published after the year 2000, whether it be a graphic novel, book, movie, or television show. This gave me the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of characters and stories. Vampires have always fascinated me, probably because I’ve been a fan of the horror genre for as long as I can remember. By picking a vampire from a more recent work, I was able to examine the development of the vampire trope over the course of literature.

When I first started my investigation, I was surprised to find that modern fiction featured such a wide variety of distinct vampires. Almost immediately, it dawned on me that vampires did not persist in the same manner in which they had done in the past. Instead, they were presented in a number of different ways that were both intricate and interesting.

As an illustration, one of the vampires that I researched was Eric Northman, who appeared on the television show True Blood. Eric is a thousand years old and defies the conventional image of a vampire in any way you can imagine. He is a figure of authority and intimidation, but at the same time, he is compassionate and open to being hurt. Due to the singular combination of qualities he possesses, he is an exceptionally captivating character.

Another illustration of this can be found in the novel “Interview with the Vampire,” specifically in the character Lestat de Lioncourt. Lestat is a vampire from the distant past who has survived for many centuries. He is a character with a multifaceted nature, as he is capable of great evil but can also be compassionate and understanding. His persona is a shining illustration of how vampires have progressed over the course of history, becoming more nuanced and multi-dimensional in the process.

Overall, picking a vampire from a modern work gave me the opportunity to investigate a wider range of characters and narratives. Because of this task, I was able to contemplate the ways in which vampires have evolved over the course of history and better understand the complexities of these characters. It was a fun activity, and I enjoyed seeing it through to the end.

– Observing the motion picture Coraline was the assignment I disliked the most this semester because I found it to be eerie and unsettling. Coraline is a stop-motion animation film that tells the story of a young girl who stumbles upon a hidden world behind a door in her house. This world is home to some very strange beings, one of which is a clone of Coraline’s mother.

This movie is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and the animation is very well done. Having said that, the story struck me as being rather gloomy and unsettling. The creatures that Coraline comes across throughout the film are frequently dangerous and unsettling, and the film’s setting as a whole has a very eerie vibe to it.

In addition, I thought the movie went on for far too long and moved at a glacial pace. It took me a while to finish watching the movie, and I had the impression that the narrative could have been conveyed in a more succinct manner. In addition, I did not think the ending did a good job of wrapping up the story, so I was left with the impression that it was not a satisfactory conclusion.

Coraline was not a film that I found to be enjoyable to watch as a whole. It was impressive to look at, but the story was too depressing and moved at too slow of a pace for my liking. It was a movie that I would not choose to watch again because of how unsettling I found the experience to be, and I would not recommend it to anyone else.