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Jyzbeth Vargas Blog 8

During the 1920’s, the U.S was hit with an era called the roaring 20’s. This was an era of economic growth and a difference in society. From this came what were called “Flappers”. Flappers were what americans called women who dressed in short skirts, were sexually free, drank, smoked cigarettes and danced at Jazz clubs. These women felt empowered and very satisfied with their new lifestyles, even though people looked at them with disgust and claimed they were immoral, simply because this was something nobody was used to seeing. In the 1931 Dracula movie, we see Count Dracula starts off the movie with a male victim, Mr. Renfield, but soon moves on to female victims when he and Mr. Renfield arrive in London. His first victim was Lucy. Dracula turned Lucy into a vampire and she was seen “hunting” in the woods. Next was his main target, Mina. As he pursues Mina, we can see that he likes to take advantage of her weakness and feeds off of her fear. I believe this situation in the movie had the ability to grab the attention of Flappers during the roaring 20’s due to the fact that since they felt confident and self-assured, they would be appalled with how a woman in the movie is being taken advantage of and cannot defend herself. This may have made flappers feel grateful and lucky for the times they were living in, being that they were living the lives they wanted to live without having to feel controlled by anyone. 

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  1. Saffira Michael

    Great points, but did you ever notice that women have always appeared to be in distress no matter what the situation is? It’s kind of crazy.

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