Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Dolma Tsering

The Batman adaptation I chose to watch is Batman The Animated Series season 2 episode 3. In this episode of Batman The Animated Series, the villain Hagen, a clay man who tries to get his hands on a new isotope because he is losing his abilities to shape shift using clay which controls the stickiness and hardness of his body. Hagen breaks into a medical facility making the new isotope and Batman stops him. 

The visual settings for both the adaptation of Batman and Batman:Ego is dark and gloomy. Although I think the Batman from Batman:Ego was more gothic in the way he talked about his life in the city. There is actually a similar scene in both, where Batman tries to save the villain off a high elevated area holding them. In the Batman adaptation, Batman tries to save Hagen by holding on to him on the side of a cliff with the ocean at the bottom. He fails to save him as Hagen just slides off Batman because he is a clay person. In Batman: Ego, Batman tries to save Buster from trying to jump off a bridge and Batman saves him but Buster then shoots himself. Both of them reminded me of the setting in Carmilla. The general’s home in carmilla was by itself and other castles were far, the dullness and darkness in the setting of Carmilla can be found in both the Batman adaptation and Batman: Ego in my opinion.

I think superheroes are Gothic, they have supernatural abilities which is gothic. Some superheroes are part of prophecies and some even have visions which also makes them Gothic.

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  1. Laura Westengard

    Nice analysis! I haven’t seen the Batman animated series, but your description was clear and convincing!

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