Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Helen Lopez (BLOG9)

The batman adaption I choose to watch was the Dark Knight Batman (2008) which is a fight between a super hero and a evil which in this case was the joker. Batman is a super hero is trying to fight to save peoples lives and keep Gothams City safe from the evil for example the Joker is the evil person who trying to take over Gotham’s city. The movie has some gothic characteristics since it is dark and scary at the same time is trying to stay safe from monsters who are trying to harm the city and he has been planing to take over it for a while and he is always two steps ahead from batman.The joker wants batman and people from the city of Gothams to view him as the biggest threat of the city and to be scared of him. The Joker is typically depicted as one of Batman’s greatest enemies. The Clown Prince of Crime has a psychotic obsession with Gotham’s best-known hero. He wants to get rid of batman and kill him. In the Batman Ego pages we also see the joker and how gothic characteristic are shown for example dark scary and gloomy trying to make the comic scary and show batman as the super hero who is trying to keep Gothams city safe and it shows how violence and crime is happening in the city but batman is trying to keep it safe. I believe superheroes are gothic because in some sense his characteristics are scary , dark and powerful that even thought is trying to keep the city safe he represents that and In both movies we see gothic characteristics that have to do with evil and crime.

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  1. Shaunte

    I love that you used the city being gloomy as a way to represent how Batman helps to keep it safe. What I took from your gothic superhero statement is that even though some superheroes can appear to be very dark and powerful they are still capable of helping those around them. Perfect example of uncanny!

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