Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

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In Dracula 1931 we view how it presents horror people are scared and afraid of Dracula and what time is something horrible going to happen. This appeals to people that were living in the United States during 1930’s when they suffered the Great Depression which caused a major economic downturn turning into a major fall in stock prices , the stock markets crashed , bank failures, people panicked, people were afraid and scared . The business failed and unemployed roses dramatically. Dracula appealed to people living in the U.S because they were afraid of the downturn that was happening in the U.S the economy had a major impact on many and people were afraid . The same thing with Dracula it represent the Victorian fear of societal progress. People were in fear when the Great Depression happened because it was something that affected many Americans and a rapid rise in the crime rate. As seen in Dracula he was sucking blood of young woman and turning them into vampires without their consent. Which was the same thing during Great Depression many became homeless didn’t have where to live and how to provide to their family , lost their jobs , businesses went down and what’s when crime started to rise and there was an increase in levels of violent crime during the early years of the depression and many people were murdered. They were killed the same way Dracula sucked in the young woman’s blood without their consent the same way many people died during the Great Depression

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  1. Tatiana Mejia

    I like your comparison of Dracula and his victims to people losing their homes and jobs. I never really thought to compare the two but it makes sense. Neither were wanted and both were extremely inconvenient.

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