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Blog 8

During the time that Dracula was in production and was released, America was going through the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time period of extreme economic hardship throughout the country. Millions of people were left homeless, poor, and hungry. When Dracula was released, it was a huge box market success and was extremely popular in the country. One of the reasons for this is that it provided a sense of escapism from the harsh realities that plagued the people and their families at that time. Another reason is that the film provided a metaphor for their lives and the Great Depression. One of the reasons for the great depression is the overconsumption of goods during the early to mid-twenties. People were indulgent and the careless lifestyle during the roaring twenties lead to over consumerism, which ultimately contributed to the Great Depression. Count Dracula is like this in a way. He is very rich and uses his resources to get what he wants recklessly. He uses manipulation tactics to abuse his victims and does not think of the effects it could have on them, their families, or their futures. This also becomes his fatal flaw. His instance on getting what he wants, despite the costs, is what leads to his demise. It shows how those during the early twenties lived and didn’t think on the possible consequences of their life choices. Their  decadence played a role in the economic decline and effected millions of lives.


  1. Cindy R

    Hi Rebecca,

    Great analysis, I agree that Dracula was an escapism for people since the film industry gain a great amount of audience during the Great Depression. I think it had hidden messages for people to acknowledge what society was like during the late 1920 to early 1930.

  2. Dolma Tsering

    Hello Rebecca, I agree with you that during the great depression, people were plagued with the harsh reality of the market crashing. Count Dracula was plaguing people by turning them into vampires.

  3. Savara Khan

    Hi Rebecca, I agree. This movie had provided a sense of escapism from the harsh realities that the people and their families at that time were going through. 

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