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Blog 8

The period between the late 1920s and the early 1930s in the United States was one that was marked by significant social and political shifts. The nation was only emerging from World War I, and its economy was doing exceptionally well. On the other hand, this time period was also characterized by a significant deal of social and political unrest. The collapse of the stock market in 1929 threw the nation into the Great Depression, and as a result, many people in the United States were having trouble making ends meet. Within this framework, Count Dracula may have been able to pique people’s interest as a metaphor for the shadowy and potentially harmful aspects of society. People were terrified of him because he personified the things that they feared the most, and his story gave them a means to escape the mundane difficulties that they faced in the real world.

Count Dracula was also a symbol of anything novel and unconventional. He was a strange and unusual figure who did not conform to the standards of the society in the United States. At a time in American history when many people were experiencing feelings of disorientation and uncertainty, Count Dracula provided a glimpse of something fresh and exciting.

Therefore, during a period that was marked by significant shifts and upheavals, Count Dracula served as a representation of the shadowy and perilous side of society, as well as a means of evading the mundane challenges of the actual world and providing a glimpse of something novel and interesting.


  1. Justice Monge

    Hello Khomeshwari, great blog! I really enjoyed what you said in the end as the United States was facing dark times but Dracula served to help society get by with his shadowy and perilous side. Giving something unique and interesting as the movie set him in stone.

  2. Balia Michelle Melendez

    Hey Khomeshwari,

    I agree with you that United States was facing a dark time when Dracula was released and like you mentioned in your blog “many people were experiencing feelings of disorientation and uncertainty”. Nice job!!!!!

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