As I was traveling in the carriage with my mother, something strange occurred and caused our horses to go wild. I do not remember anything other than the mere fact that everything went black in a split second. When I woke, I was surrounded by two nice women and a man. They informed me of my mother’s leaving and how she will not return for 3 months. These people have been kind enough to allow me to stay in their home. I lay in their bed when all of the sudden, a girl walked into my room and I could not believe my eyes. I have seen this girl before. Her name is Laura, and I have never met someone as kind and beautiful as she. She told me about a dream she had when she was just a little girl, and then it hit me; we’ve had the same dream! We’ve started spending more time together and I could not feel happier in her presence. With her I feel warm and joyful. Her family has been more than kind to me and I greatly appreciate their hospitality. As time passes, I grow more fond of Laura. I have never loved anyone before, but I do love her. However, I do not know if she will love me when she finds out the truth. I must keep it from her for as long as I can. I had to leave my room last night without anyone seeing. I locked the door so no one would enter, but everyone knew I was gone. Laura’s father is under the impression that I had been walking in my sleep. I do not wish for them to know the truth as of yet.