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One vampire from a TV series written in the 2000s is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. Damon is a strong, ruthless vampire who feeds on human blood any chance he gets, yet walks around town just like any other mortal individual. He is the eldest brother of two. Although his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, is kind, compassionate, and caring, Damon is the exact opposite. He doesn’t exactly care for others. Despite all this, Damon is seductively charming and catches the attention of any female he passes, giving off a hot and mysterious look. He has a seductive look in his eyes and an aura that attracts women and they don’t even know why. Damon goes through whatever and WHOever he needs to to get his way, especially when his actual feelings, which he likes to hide a lot to prevent signs of weakness, are involved. Damon uses compulsion to get what he wants. In the Vampire Diaries, vampires compel ordinary people by looking into their eyes and using some sort of “hypnotism” that the person cannot resist.

Lord Ruthven has this same effect on people. They cannot stop thinking about him ad they do not know why. He stays stuck inn their heads. Whenever he passes by, he turns heads and catches the eye of every woman in sight. In the beginning of The Vampire, the narrator states “Those who felt this sensation of awe, could not explain whence it arose: some attributed it to the dead grey eye, which, fixing upon the object’s face, did not seem to penetrate, and at one glance to pierce through to the inward workings of the heart… His peculiarities caused him to be invited to every house; all wished to see him, and those who had been accustomed to violent excitement, and now felt the weight of ennui, were pleased at having something in their presence capable of engaging their attention”. Lord Ruthven caught the eyes and hearts of all who were around him and had them intrigued. Although they kept their distance, they were content with just having him in their presence and being around him. Damon had this same effect on people due to his mysterious and attractive looks.

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  1. Erika Gissel Naranjo

    Hi Jyzbeth,

    Thank you for that in-depth portrayal of Damon Salvatorre, I will definitely be watching Vampire Diaries now. As I was reading your description of Damon I also was thinking to myself that he sounds a lot like Lord Ruthven.

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