Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Lashaunte Browne

The blog post I chose to complete was blog post 1. At the beginning of the semester I was struggling with open lab and how to post the blog so I never got the chance to submit it. But even though it has been a couple weeks I’ll take the chance now to introduce myself. My name is Lashaunte Browne but I prefer to just go as “Shaunte”, my pronouns are she/they and I really enjoy anything true crime and I dabble into some art here and there. Going into this course I really did not know what to expect but it did truly change the way I view the genre of gothic anything. At first when I would hear the word gothic I would only think about it fashion wise, I absolutely had no idea that it was a theme outside of music and fashion. Now hearing the word gothic I think about the creation of a spooky/eerie atmosphere. I thought of goth before as like a rebellion to what society thinks is normal, and even tho I was correct I never thought that lesbianism or homosexuality could be considered “goth”. My mind has definitely expanded on this topic. I think the most fascinating thing I’ve learned so far is about the gothic characteristics. When I watch any kind of scary movie now I can point out the uncanny which is my favorite characteristic because you would only believe that an old creaky castle would be the ones with the most haunting but it can also be the modernized home built a couple years ago that would terrify you. This course has been very enjoyable so far, I feel like myself going into this would have thought that I wouldn’t have been as invested as I am right now. 

Something that represents me is my art. I use my fave as the canvas for most of my pieces. This is a look that I created a couple days ago that I am extremely proud about! 

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  1. Laura Westengard

    I’m glad you chose to post Blog1! It is nice officially meet you and see some of your creative work!

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