Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Lashaunte Browne

Coraline portrays a number of gothic characteristics such as the weather constantly being gloomy, a girl/woman in distress, and her creepy castle-like home. In the movie she goes to this alternate world where everything looks the exact same even her parents but they have button eyes. She is unhappy with her life and this universe grants her the life that she wishes she had. But it was short lived when the people that she thought loved and cared for her were just using their likeness, seeing that they look to her parents and friends to trap her and eat her soul. This reminded me of the story “the system of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether” because these patients who were thrown in the asylum overtook the place and threw the workers in the cells where they originally belonged. They then went on to impersonate these people, wearing nice and fancy clothes so that they would not look crazy to then take over the organization.


  1. Savara Khan

    Hi Shaute, I like how you compared her house to a castle. I didn’t see that till now. Great post !

  2. Jyzbeth

    Hi, Lashaunte. I love how you were able to compare the intentions of the characters in both the film and the reading, and not just the visual stuff. They all tried to act like people they weren’t, as to put on some sort of facade. The characters in the reading, as you said, would dress as the workers so they would look normal instead of crazy. In Coraline, the other mother looks like a normal person until we see at the end that she transforms into her true self. Great observation!

  3. Erika Gissel Naranjo

    Hi Lashaunte,

    I loved your insight! I agree that gloomy weather and dark architecture contributes to setting the gothic tone. Your take on Dr.Tarr and Prof. Fether is spot on as well.

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