There are many gothic characteristics present in Coraline. In Coraline, she goes through a door that leads her to an alternative reality. The existence of the portal in Coraline is one of the characteristics. The creepiness and eerieness given off by her other family and friends is also another element of gothic literature. The setting of the movie which is dark, gloomy, and mostly rainy also gives off gothic vibes. There is also the ability for animals and plants to talk and move as they please in the movie which is abnormal. Abnormality is definitely one of the characteristics of Gothic Literature. The similarities between Coraline and the system of Dr.Tarr and Prof. Feather are that they are both gothic. They both have similar gothic elements such as dark, gloomy, and full of suspense. They were both in a place that had crazy. I think Coraline has similarities with Laura from Carmilla as they were both able to get out of their awful situation. Coraline was able to exit the other world while Laura was able to live. In both their situation, they both had to do certain things in order to live. Coraline had to play a game with her other mother to save the kids and her parents. Laura was saved by the general and others who followed specific steps like a game to be able to kill Carmilla. I think a gothic message is the movie itself. It can serve as a cautionary tale for kids who do not appreciate what they have.