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Blog6 Helen Lopez

In Coraline some gothic characteristics that we can see is scary, dark, monster and a haunted house. Coraline discovers a door that leads her to completely different place, and when she arrives to that place everything is beautiful and she finds two people that look just like her parents but they have buttons in their eyes and they try to make Coraline feel comfortable and welcomed they want to grab her attention and persuade her to stay with them but in order for her to stay with them she must give them her eyes. Coraline rapidly says no and that she wants to go back home and wants to escape them. Bur it wasn’t that easy they did not let her go and the real monsters came out of the woman that looked like her mom and all the people that were in their, they wanted to trap Coraline. This movie is a similarity to ”the system of doctor tarr and professor fether ” in this short story we viewed how they visited a mental institution that treats it and things are not always as they seem they can get a little scary and intense. Even though Coraline doesn’t have to do anything with a mental institution but it relates to something not everything is always as it seems, she was not really happy with her parents because they were always busy working and when went in through that door to another house that seems everything beautiful and unbelievable is always not true you can not just at anyone you do not know their true colors, they were monsters who were trying to get her away from her real parents and trap her in a scary haunted house where they are practically lost and she was trapped in a place that she almost could not get. This remind me of gothic literature ”The castle of otranto ” when Manfred tried to get Isabella and trap her but she ran away from that house that wa dark and scary and can be called a haunted house as well because in a haunted house you try to escape from the monsters and get away from them, and that is what Isabella and Coraline did they were trying to escape away from monsters who were trying to her them. I believe the short movie Coraline message ia trying to show us be careful for what you wish for because not everything in life is perfect we have to sometimes understand things arent easy.


  1. Savara Khan

    Hi Helen, I seen the same message in the movie Coraline. I feel like even though she had everything, she wished for something unreal and that was about to take everything away from her.

  2. Rebecca Joseph

    Hi Helen. I can see the parallels between Coraline running from the Other Mother and Isabella running from Manfred.

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