Some gothic elements that were presented in Coraline are the presence of ghosts, gloomy, scary and the existence of a parallel and dark universe. In which coraline deals with anxieties that are related to personal development. There were similarities between coraline and the system of Dr. Tarr that both use darkness and unwelcoming environment to show how sad and mysteries the whole scene to keep viewer and readers intsered. Yess!! During the semester we read Carmilla By Sheridan Le Fanu which its about a young female vampire that preys on young women that causes an epidemic in a styrain town and terror in a young women’s bedroom. As I kept reading I noticed that the setting of the story gave readers gothic elements like dark, gloominess, and scary but also depressing. Just like in the Coraline movie she found another world that is a strangely idealized version of what she’s frustrating at home and has sinister secrets. Where she starts feeling scared because she’s at a household where she feels bored and neglected by her own parents. Which gives a plot of demonic beldam disguising herself as the victim’s mother in order to steal souls and eat their lives. An implicit message that It creates connections and empathy because it delivers more than literal significance that gives a better and deeper level of understanding to the description.