Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Dolma Tsering

There are many similarities in the gothic texts which include themes and symbols. In Vampyre by Polidori and Carmila by Fanu, we can see the existence of supernatural creatures with powers that are unexplainable. In Vampyre, Lord Ruthven was introduced in the text as someone with attractive qualities and was the center of attention. He drew people in once they caught a glimpse of him and the same with Carmilla from Carmilla by Fanu. Carmilla was described as a beautiful and pale girl who was accepted to stay at Laura’s home. They are both monsters as well. In the text, Carmilla is described as a monster by the general who came from graves to plague the living. In Polidori’s Vampyre, Lord Ruthven is a self-absorbed and manipulative Vampyre who only cares about his hunger for blood. He goes to the forest at night and takes lives and drains them of blood. Carmilla who lived so long doesn’t care about the lives of the people and feeds on young girls. She slowly feeds on girls’ blood and even the ones who give her shelter. They both try to hide their identity from human beings as they are different from them. Carmilla changes her name with different variations of Carmilla as time goes on and probably as she moves from one place to another. Lord Ruthven travels a lot and during the early eighteen hundredths, traveling took a long time. Another similarity between the two texts is the fact that people in the stories have already somewhat of knowledge about the existence of the Vampyre or the monster. The General in Carmilla and Ianthe and her family in the Vampyre by Polidori try and warn others of these creatures.


  1. Tatiana Mejia

    Your comparison of the two vampires makes me think about how maybe vampires were envisioned at the time these stories were written and how people thought of vampires of always doing the same things. Almost as if they only have one way of life.

  2. Laura Westengard

    You make an interesting point about the characters in Carmilla and The Vampyre having some knowledge of the mythology of vampirism. This is often true because European vampire fiction was inspired by much older folklore about vampires, so they would incorporate the myths and legends into their stories.

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