Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog5(Helen Lopez)

I have read many gothic literatures during the semester and I have learned about the different gothic metaphors that were being expressed in each of the texts that I have read. Each text symbolized a different gothic metaphor and a message. For example in the Castle of Otranto we viewed how Manfred represents a monster gothic metaphor which represents people who are outside the norms of society which they inspire fear and desire Manfred felt like he had power over Isabella and she was scared and afraid of him, he inspired fear and knowing that she was going to be the wife of his son he desired her as a woman and wanted to get married to her and even though Manfred had a wife. Isabella was in disbelief and didn’t want anything to do with him he wanted to have her in one way or another and he even chased her down the stairs trying to trap her and wanted to do something that who knows what he would’ve done if she didn’t escape . In Carmilla the gothic metaphor that represents the text is a haunted house metaphor because In a haunted house it’s Dark, shadowy, there is ghost and it’s scary. Which shows when Laura went through a scary moment in her life she was frightened one night when she saw someone next to her who she didn’t know who it was it was dark and late at night and neither did Carmilla understand how she got there and was confused this left a confusion in Laura for so many years making her feel afraid and scared as when someone is in a haunted house. They both have a pattern that shows something scary and dark for both Laura and Isabella.


  1. amandahasandjekaj

    Great blog! I like your comparison. Both Laura and Isabella went through a scary moment in their lives which was because of the supernatural creatures.

  2. Balia Michelle Melendez

    Hey Helen!

    You did a good job comparing both Laura and Isabella. Two women that went through a lot and faced many dark moments.

  3. Laura Westengard

    You are correct that Manfred is a kind of monstrous figure. Carmilla and Lord Ruthven are also monsters because they are vampires who also take advantage of those who are weaker than they are.

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