Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog 5- Cindy

The three text that we analyzed; The Castle of Otranto, The Vampyre, and Carmilla, reflected gothic metaphors of not having control over the situation in life and superior being challenges each of the characters. There are many more elements that are embody into each literature. The Castle of Otranto displays the theme of lineage, leadership, political power, along with the corruption of power. Also, it shows how women were supposed to protect their virtue because that’s the only thing that define and give them a proper title in society. The Vampyre express internal conflict of mental health illness of how characters are affected by life and events. Seduction, murder, and virtue refers to the overall tone and messages that the reader can analyze. Carmilla displays irony of the fear of sexual corruption, discrimination of social code and hidden libidinal desires.


  1. Laura Westengard

    You mention the Gothic “metaphors of not having control over the situation in life and superior being,” and this is very true. Some describe the lack of control and being controlled by others as a kind of play with power dynamics. Often these power dynamics are sexualized, and this is certainly a common denominator of Gothic fiction.

  2. Rebecca Joseph

    Hi Cindy! I think you make a very good pointy about internal conflicts being a theme in many gothic literatures. I havent quite thought much about it but looking at Aubrey from the Vampyre and Manfred from Castle of Otranto, a lot of gothic characters face this.

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