Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog 5

During this semester I read several Gothic texts story and I have found some similarities with these Gothic texts. one thing I found similar is how there wasn’t a happy ending in these Gothic texts. some examples will be in “the castle of Otranto” Theodore did become king but lost the love of his life and in “Vampyre” Aubrey dies a sad death while lord Ruthven kill his sister and got away in the end. Another thing I found similar is that in these stories, most of the supernatural is not fully revealed until the end. Some examples will be in the “Vampyre” where it was shown that lord Ruthven was shown to be a Vampyre at the end of the text when he disappear while leaving the crop of Aubrey’s sister behind and in “Carmilla”, Carmilla was exposed to be a vampire who was fed on young girls at the end of the story. I found that  “Vampyre” and “Carmilla” have the most in common. In these two Gothic texts, both have main characters who were so trusting of the antagonist with only it leading to disaster, in “Vampyre” Aubrey trusted lord Ruthven to only have the trust taken advantage of, and in “Carmilla” not only did Laura trust Carmilla but also fell in love with her to find out Carmilla was feeding on her. One last thing I found similar was people in these Gothic texts falling in love with a vampire, some examples of this happening will be in the “Vampyre” lord Ruthven was a man that had women falling in love with him, even Aubrey’s sister was going to marrying him and in “Carmilla” Laura fell in love with Carmilla.

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  1. Laura Westengard

    Great observations! You are correct that usually Gothic texts to not have happy endings!

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