Isolated from the world, dark and cold is how I feel most nights. desiring companionship and love but that is impossible for a monster like me. That sense of the nights become lit and less cold when I get to speak to Laura. She is the only one that understands me, it is with her that I find my comfort. Perhaps its her beauty and innocence that calls my name. I want to open up to her about who I am but im in fear, what if my desires bring her harm? what if she is repulsed by my truth. I know that im a monster but knowing that she will see that of me destroys me. I wish Laura and I could spend more time with each other and with no other. Sounds bad, I know. I just want her all to myself and seeing her sharing emotions with someone other than me floods my veins with anger and envy. I will do anything just to be with her. ANYTHING!! I will clench my fangs and suck the lives out of those who stand in between me and my Laura. If only I can tell her about me and who I truly am she might not grow out of me. but what if my truth runs her away too. Laura is the only one that sees me for Carmilla and not a monster. she’s sees the real me but is the truth that I seek to tell but what if that truth makes the one person that understands me, the one who I seek comfort with becomes fearful of me