Prof. Westengard | O628 | Fall 2022

Blog 4 Amanda Hasandjekaj


The doctor sees me and says I am going to be just fine. I then met Laura. She seems to be very fond of me. She seems to recognize me. Laura proceeds to keep asking me questions about my life but I shall remain quiet and say nothing of myself. I see that she is disappointed in my responses and growing more curious by the minute. I try to deceive her. I shower her in love and affection, hoping she doesn't start to get too suspicious of me. I remember Laura. She seems to remember me too from a dream she had. Laura says we are meant to be friends. However, she asks me how I have such deep affection for her if I have just met her. I tell her that I enjoy her company and I too am often lonely. I tell her I love that I get to spend time with her. I admire Laura’s beauty. I think she can definitely tell. I flirt with her here and there in our conversations. She seems to admire my beauty as well. I think her attraction to me overwhelms her and in a way seems to take her mind off of all the questions about my life. I overheard my mother and the General’s conversation. My mother told him that she has urgent business. She tells him that I will say nothing of myself, not even where I am from. She made it seem very important that I remain a mystery to them. I hope they don't grow too suspicious of me.

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  1. Ryan Rivera

    I like how you are able to fully capture Carmilas personality. in all reality I felt as if I was reading it almost felt like it was a part of the novel.

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