The night has reached and it is time for Laura and I to say good night to her father. We went on to my room, where we spoke as usual, I readied myself for the night. With her typical curiosity Laura inquires about my past knowing I cannot answer her. My mystique upsets her understandably so but I assure her that she will know everything soon enough. She remains upset with my vague remarks that she sees to be “wild nonsense”. I confide in her about a memory of an event long ago that nearly lost me my life and changed me forever. By this point sleepiness overcame me and I lay on my pillow and bid Laura a goodnight with a smile that seemed to unnerve her. It was obvious that Laura grew suspicious of me and my behavior. I am sure that my lack of prayer and religious piety concerned her. I put these thoughts to rest and attempted to sleep. Laying in bed my anxiety built up I noticed a black figure moving about my bed. I was frozen in fear, darkness overtaking the room until all that was left off the figure was a pair of frightful eyes that made their way up the bed and towards me until I felt a pain of two fangs sinking into my breast. I woke with a strain to see a woman in a dress by the fireplace. I came to my senses and reached for the charm under my pillow the woman disappearing as my hands found it. Relief fell upon me as I pulled the charm to my chest allowing me to sleep peacefully.