I needed Laura to believe my story so I told her what I thought made sense to me at that time. Going missing was all part of the plan. I had to make up a story so I told her that I went to bed, as usual, locking the doors to my room, the dressing room, and the gallery opening. I slept soundly and, as far as I can remember, had no dreams, but when I woke up this morning on the sofa in the dressing room, I discovered that the door separating the two rooms was open and the other door had been forced. How could this have happened without me being awakened? I looked around all confused did not know if they were believing the story I was telling them. As I was looking around the room everyone looked like they were believing me but Laura's father was looking uncertain. Her father took a turn up and down the room and was just thinking. I was watching him with my eyes and followed him for a moment with a sly, dark glance.
Laura's father took a minute before very kindly taking my hand, leading me to the sofa, and sitting down beside me. he asked Will you forgive me, my dear, if I risk a conjecture, and ask a question? I of course could say not and say ask away. He asked if I have ever been suspected of walking in my sleep. I told him I have when I was little. He started putting the story together and realized that I was just walking in my sleep. He told everyone that I did everything in my sleep and when I woke up that's when I came back to my senses.

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